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An Zhouyuan ( Shanghai ) Environmental Technology Co., Ltd, is one of the few the introduction of Germany advanced technology and professional quality of online instrument research and development, production and sales company analysis. The company's long-term technical cooperation with German Related Companies, since 2005, began to actively explore and experience accumulated over 50 years of the introduction of Germany advanced, wet chemical analysis method application experience, with ten years of grinding sword attitude, committed to the development and production of the most stable and durable, high precision, easy operation of the online analysis instrument.14 years of the start of a full range of water quality analyzer of the new generation of the company began to put into the market, the product uses a new design concept and sophisticated manufacturing processes, product inherited German instrument quality, and with the domestic instrument price, is highly cost-effective, making products in the market soon won the majority of new and old customers praise and affirmation.The company has a strong R & D and support team, to ensure the provision of comprehensive optimization of technical support and solutions for customers, to meet the water utilities, municipal sewage treatment, water treatment, wastewater treatment and other industries, wine online monitoring of different requirements.