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We were invited to participate in "the first symposium of ecological toxicology"

We were invited to participate in the "Journal of chemical ecology" editorial department, the first session of the conference of ecological toxicology Institute of Tsinghua University Zhejiang Academy of science and China City Environmental Research Institute jointly organized.This meeting a total of 460 participants, the meeting for you to establish a good academic atmosphere, provide the latest research results show platform for ecotoxicology, academic and disciplinary development has played a positive role in promoting..Our BBE Product Manager Cao Zhongwen also toxic products in the BBE product line in the General Assembly on the "time toxicity acute toxicity monitoring method and the protection of water resources assessment" as the theme of the conference report with all the experts exchange.Many experts meeting also said BBE products can bring positive effect for toxicity studies, to promote the work of the need.


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