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The Shanghai World Expo Museum of Singapore: let every drop of water. " The new "


The disadvantages into advantages, the disadvantages into advantages, this is the wisdom of singapore. In the face of " water shortage " problems of the World Expo in Shanghai, Singapore again showed his wisdom.

Singapore is a freshwater resource poor countries, to the need to import water. In Singapore, the water has been one of the most concerned about the topic which the government and people. Since 1965, the separation of Singapore and Malaysia, Singapore has been living in the shadow of the freshwater cannot provide for oneself.Although the average annual rainfall reached 2340 mm, but due to salt water intrusion, water can not be river. The history of Singapore more than half of all the fresh water imported from Malaysia. In 1942, the Japanese attack on Singapore, Singapore tens of thousands of British garrison surrendered soon, said an important reason is that the Japanese occupation of Malaysia, cut off the supply of fresh water in singapore.

Early in the last century 70's, Singapore began to study the new water, but the technology is not mature, the production cost is high, has not formed the scale of production. With the international development of reverse osmosis technology, the production of new water conditions gradually mature, the construction of the first new plant in singapore.